Danner Men’s Tachyon Work Boots Reviews


Tactical boots are made especially for the soldiers, or for people who endure similar terrains and forces on a daily basis. However, these shoes are also considered very comfortable for regular usage too.

Tactical shoes have to be comfortable, should be protective and must be shock absorbent even after 10 hours of straight walking. They can also be clubbed with the traditional work boots.

The specs of the Tachyon

It has a very high cut and is an 8-inch boot. Hence, this factor alone is quite the deal breaker for many. Read on to know more about it if you are still not satisfied.

Comfort zone

The Men’s Tachyon positively impressed me in 3 areas.

Firstly, the break in time was quite small and very gentle with the boots. In fact, I even tried using it for a day at work and eventually I got home without any pain. Yes, stiffness was there, but overall the experience was good.

Secondly, the weight of the product was not light even for the boot section, but it was actually lighter than what I had anticipated because of its 8-inch cut. If you require ankle safety in your product, but sans the weight of the ankle protector, then this aspect can become the USP of the boots.

Danner Men’s Tachyon Work Boots Reviews

Thirdly, the shoe of the boot has been designed with some thoughts and deliberation. It has been made with walking or standing in mind. It possesses a one-inch heel for the posture itself. It even has cell polyurethane for comfort and EVA midsole as shockers. Hard shifts on rough surfaces—easy!

The boot might not look like working boots, but you’d feel it anyway. The jungle boots can deliver at work sites.

Safety and protection

The boot, unfortunately because of its tactical nature, does not have a toe protector. Soldiers dodge bullets, not machinery, so you can imagine the predicament. Electrical hazard safety is also missing, and so are the puncture proof and safe sole. The boots cover your ankle and are non-slippery because to its rubberyoutsole and pentagonal shaped lugs.

Waterproof and insulation

Surprisingly and unfortunately, these boots are not waterproof. Puddles are okay, but therainy day would make your feet wet like your face. It’s actually a trade off. The top of the boot is synthetic, and hence, they are washable by machine, and they dry off quickly. It makes the boots light in weight too. However, because of all this, you can’t use this in cold atmospheres too.

Design and Style

Style and 8 inches don’t mix up well. The Men’s Tachyon comes in 4 different colours, and that’s about it. It won’t matter which pant it goes with, it will always look like you are coming from work. Hence, avoid these boots at weekends.

Customer feedback and Reviews

As I write this, the Men’s Tachyon has been used and has generated 141 reviews already, with a good score of 4.3 stars out of the maximum 5. The positives—weight and comfort.

The negatives— well, people pointed out the cheap materials.

The built quality is indeed cheap, and that’s a bummer as I like the shoes.

The final word

The durability issues pull back this wonderful boot. Buy them—as they may come under 100 dollars (depending on size) and if you expect a change after a year—as the comfort levels are awesome on the boots.

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